Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Power of Silverlight

Silverlight 1.0 is out, and it is looking nice.

I have previously overlooked Silverlight a bit, but it is going to be a serious competitor for Flash. The opportunity to bring over the .Net developers (huge mass) on to a cross-platform RIA environment is just one part of the fun. At the same time Silverlight supports JavaScript accessing the DOM directly (one highlight) and from I have heard the performance of the environment is amazing.

Microsoft is also handling the Linux support to really deliver on the cross-platform promise (This is an improvement of how Adobe handled Flash 8 on Linux). They will team up with Novell on the Moonlight project based on mono.

The approach MS is taking on Linux raises the question of how will they address mobile with Silverlight. Having a Linux port is usually a good start, as there is a fair amount of mobile platforms that can use that as their building block. There is a also clip on Youtube, running a demo of Silverlight on Windows mobile. Mobile is also partially the sore point of Adobe, so that would be a good place to attack, but that would mean that Silverlight has to be made available across the mobile market. This will be a tricky question for Microsoft to solve.

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